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Small Businesses In Arlington Are Struggling To Stay Afloat As A Result Of Covid-19 And Supply Chain Difficulties

There is reason to believe that the end of the coronavirus outbreak is in sight in the case of small business owners who have had to deal not just with COVID-19 but also with supply chain issues and labor shortages.

With her business drive and a lifelong enthusiasm for cooking, Daisy Banks founded Blu Ice Daiquiries in Arlington, Virginia, as a result of her entrepreneurial spirit.

As Banks noted in his explanation of his decision to create the eatery, “I decided to develop a restaurant since I have a passion for cooking as well as a desire to help others.”

It was in July of this year that she officially opened the doors to her little family-run business, with the expectation that it will provide her with a prosperous future.

Continuing, “After six months, COVID came knocking,” Banks went on to describe the situation.

Her financial condition has stayed constant thus far, but now that other things are beginning to weigh on her balance sheet, she is in danger of losing her ability to maintain financial security. She is currently dealing with supply chain issues as well as rising ingredient pricing, which is a difficult position.

According to Banks, when crab legs were in season, they could be purchased for $9.99 per pound on the open market.

Prices for a pound of them have increased to $17, $18, and $20, depending on the size.

“A direct outcome of this is that the expense of living has increased dramatically. Several years ago, I used to get beef oxtails for $3.99 per pound, which was a good deal at the time. Depending on the quality of the meat, it is possible to receive up to $10.99 per pound of meat.”

Although she does not want to, customers will be forced to bear the financial hardship associated with the raise, despite the fact that she does.

In Banks’ words, “When you’re a newly-opened organization, you want to be able to provide that consumer with the same level of care and pricing, but it’s difficult to achieve at the moment.”

During this moment of labor scarcity, she has also encountered challenges in locating qualified personnel.

A seemingly never-ending stream of events appears to be piling up on her plate, and she finds herself forced to make a difficult choice.”

According to Banks, the owners of Blu Ice Daiquiris are seriously considering closing their doors. Unfortunately, I am unable to communicate my wishes at this time due to the realities of the situation.”

According to her, she aims to put off making the decision for as long as she possibly can in the hopes that things will improve in the interim.”

Furthermore, Banks remarked that “the last thing you want to see is all of your hard work, sweat, and tears being sold off to someone else, particularly when you’re trying to develop something from the ground up.” According to the owner of a small business, “we want to keep our operation in the region since small businesses are the ones who make a true difference in their communities.””